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"Yes Sir, I Can Boogie", "Sorry I´m A Lady", "Darling", "Parlez-Vous Francais", "The Devil Sent You To Lorado" among others, are the great hits that the voice of Mayte Mateos sent Baccara into the top of the charts all over the world in the 70´s & 80´s.


A show with Baccara contains these hits as well other well known songs from their albums like "Granada", "Koochie-Koo" and "Cara Mia". Additional are the songs "Torero" and "La Bamba" from Mayte Mateos´ solo album "Noche Latina" and Baccara´s hit "Soy Tu Venus" from the swedish "Eurovision Song Contest" final in 2004. Let Mayte, the original lead voice of all Baccara hits, entertain you with a great show full of hits and spanish temperament. The original never goes out of style.




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